Elizabeth Hatleli

freelance writer for the home maintenance, repair, & renovation market

Do you use your website to generate leads, attract subscribers, or get sales?

Then you know how important it is to get your “sales” pages working correctly. If the copy on those pages doesn’t motivate enough visitors to click and respond, you lose opportunities – often to the competition.

The good news is, there are proven best practices for writing winning copy. They include:

- Doing extensive research in order to understand the offer, the prospect, the product, business, etc.

- Writing like you’re talking directly to your best friend.

- Using short, benefit-oriented words and sentences.

- Using the power of short, easy-to-scan headlines to get attention and arouse curiosity.

- Making sure your headlines are urgent, useful, unique, and ultra-specific.

- Uncovering your prospect’s core buying emotion.

- Writing a compelling lead that delivers both a big idea and a big promise.

- Giving the reader a clear path to your CTA.

Just one of these best practices can significantly boost your website conversion rates – instantly. That’s why I use them all.